Meet Nii and Renée… Team Darko!


We are newly married doctors in debt up to our ears! We are NOT the Joneses. In fact, we might be opposite the Joneses.  We each grew up without much in pretty rough neighborhoods in Brooklyn, NY, and Irvington. NJ. You’d think that since we didn’t have everything we wanted growing up that we’d go crazy and get anything and everything we want as adults – especially two doctors! However…

The Darko household prides itself on modesty, frugality, teamwork, tradition, and innovation. We don’t have the fancy car, the big house, the bedroom-sized walk-in closet full of clothes and shoes. We know how to do without. Don’t get us wrong! We want those things, but we can’t afford them right now. For at least the next 3-4 years, our student loans and rental property debt rule our world. Until we can get that monkey off our backs, we are perfectly fine with renting and driving a used car. We don’t consider living modestly to be a sacrifice. It’s just what makes sense for us.

We consider ourselves a team – Team Darko, as a matter of fact. So, when it comes to money matters, we pretty much see eye to eye. For example, we’d be at our happiest if we could have our entire family within a 4 block radius. Right now we live about 300-400 miles away from them because the cost of living in NY and NJ are higher than we want to pay. So, a quick drive from small town PA works just fine! We definitely learned the cost benefits of small town living while in medical school.

We met 13 years ago just as we were about to enter medical school together and our careers are now in full swing. We enjoy what we do as doctors, but also realize that medicine has many other opportunities to offer than seeing patients in an office or hospital. We’ve done some other projects led by very talented friends. But, we’ve neglected some back burner projects of our own that we’d finally like to get off the ground.

We want to share our story since we know that many couples can identify with the challenge of managing money, marriage, and careers. No matter how great your household situation, you are not immune to the stressors of everyday life. The fact is that many, if not most of us, cannot keep up with the Jones’ lavish lifestyle. Working as a team, we hope to encourage and inspire you to reach your financial, marital, and career goals. Through strategy, discipline, trust, respect, and just plain common sense, we believe that we can achieve anything. We hope that you’ll keep stopping by to read about our mistakes, challenges, and triumphs as we embark upon our pursuit of financial peace, marital bliss, and career freedom!


About Nii and Renee

A newly married couple in pursuit of financial peace, marital bliss, and career freedom!

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  1. Nii and Renee are a breathe of fresh air. After completing the gauntlet of medical school and residency I can’t imagine two people who have earned the “American Dream lifestyle” more. Instead they are a bastion of humility and sacrifice as they say “no” to themselves today so they can say “yes” to a healthy and successful tomorrow. Keep up the good work and giving back to the community. I’ll be referring others to your site.

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  2. I will follow your blog with great pride! I’m a fellow DR follower 🙂 I’m about 2 months from being debt free! 2.5 years out of residency. No credit cards, no car note and soon no student loans. No mortgage yet! Let’s be different!!!!!! 👍


  3. This is truly inspiring having worked with both of you during our medical school journey and to from a distance watch your love blossom. Thanks for sharing your truth so that others may feel validated in their struggles. Who wants to be like the Joneses when you’ve got Team Darko, or Team Fill in the Blank. Create your own destiny! God bless your endeavors!

    Shanicka Williams, MD


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