The Darkos’ Top 5 Money Podcasts!


Here at Team Darko, we’ve had some very interesting lessons to learn over the past year. Having two MBAs in the household, we were knowledgeable about business finance, but we still had a lot to learn about personal finance. We got the message about being frugal and saving money growing up. But, what about making our money work for us? Stocks, bonds, and other various vehicles to grow our money… We have a lot to learn about those.

Besides books, advice from financial advisors, and the internet, we’ve found that podcasts have helped us really take action with our money. Search “personal finance” on podcast search engines, and you’ll pass out from how many are out there. Literally, there are hundreds! Within the realm of personal finance, there are specific podcasts for millennials, Baby Boomers, even those who make their money primarily online or from independent contract work.

Below we list the Darkos’ Top 5 podcasts that keep us financially savvy and motivated to become debt free and build wealth:

1. The Dave Ramsey Show


“Debt is dumb, cash is king, and the paid off home mortgage has taken the place of the BMW as the status symbol of choice.” Dave Ramsey has the typical get rich quick story. He became rich by age 25 doing real estate schemes, then filed for bankruptcy by age 26 when he couldn’t pay back his debt. For the next 25 years, he would rebuild his wealth and create a 7-step program, the Baby Steps, that thousands around the country follow today. A staple of national talk radio over the past two decades, Dave Ramsey has helped many people achieve debt freedom and build wealth. Phone callers spill their financial guts to Dave over the course of three hours asking his advice on their personal finances. His 5-day talk radio show is converted to three 45-minute podcasts. So, if you miss him over the radiowaves, you can go to his website or download the show from your favorite podcast app. There are also videocasts of the show if you prefer to watch. His hourly debt free screams, where people come from all over the US to scream, “We’re debt freeeeee!!!” has kept our eyes on the prize and focused on slaying our own debt demons. Ramsey’s was one of the first money podcasts that caught our ears and we found it at the right time. Although, we were finally making a good income, we were pretty new to personal finance especially as newlyweds. His thoughts on slaying debt, joint accounts, creating an emergency fund, and using cash resonated with us; we haven’t looked back since. We are well on our way to debt freedom… See you soon, Dave!

2. Stacking Benjamins


If you’re looking more for a conversational format, then Stacking Benjamins might be the podcast for you. Self described as a magazine style podcast, the hour long show has about 4 -5 segments on different topics. There’s comedy and sarcasm stitched throughout the show, which helps to make complex topics easier to understand. The show’s hosts are Joe Saul-Sehy, who is a former financial advisor, and his partner OG (OG doesn’t share his credentials so he can speak freely about the financial planning industry). Their featured guests usually talk about financial challenges that they’ve overcome or have become successful from due to a financial venture. They even find time to review movies they have seen in the past week to keep it entertaining. But, the show is most informative for understanding the overall state of the economy. Because we are planning for retirement, we use this podcast to help us become more familiar with up and coming investment opportunities. Joe and OG, you just might help us retire early!

3. So Money/Ask Farnoosh


“Seeking profound ways to live a richer, happier life?” Recently named by Inc. Magazine as a “Top Business Podcast to Grow Your Money,” So Money with Farnoosh is a daily (yes, 7 days a week) 30-minute podcast hosted by financial consultant Farnoosh Torabi. While she does cover money topics, she also dishes advice on how to be successful and satisfied in a career. During the week, Farnoosh interviews both well established and upcoming personalities on their financial philosophies, successes, and failures. There’s only so much you can learn from interviews with Tony Robbins; we really enjoy her candid interviews with young professionals who are trailblazing their own path to a happier life, but are far from owning their own island. On the weekends, Farnoosh dedicates her podcast, Ask Farnoosh, to answering questions from her followers and even offers a free 15-minute financial session with a lucky follower. Listening to Farnoosh will often spark a discussion about our current careers and where we see ourselves in the coming years. Thanks, Farnoosh!

4. The Smart Passive Income Podcast


Dreams of being financially independent start somewhere. Although Pat Flynn’s podcast wouldn’t fall into the personal finance category, the topics covered on his show have helped tons of people kick their average 9 to 5 jobs to the curb and pursue successful entrepreneurships. Pat, an architect by training, is a successful entrepreneur who specializes in making passive income and teaching others to do the same. His show usually features entrepreneurs young in their endeavors sharing some phenomenal stories about how they transitioned from traditional employment to starting online businesses. Pat’s podcasts alternate with episodes of his new SPI TV channel; and with a huge library of previous podcasts, it’ll be a while before your catch up. From how to monetize online courses to creating niche websites, Pat Flynn has been the inspiration we’ve needed to develop our own ideas and to envision life on a beach in our 50s! Also, kudos to Pat for his involvement with the Pencils of Promise initiative to build a school in Ghana, West Africa. Nii’s family is from Ghana, so Pat, you always have a seat at our dinner table!

5. His & Her Money


She’s a saver who married a spender and they’re “managing money, marriage, and everything in between.” We initially discovered the McNeelys, Tai, a financial advisor turned stay-at-home wife and mom, and Taalat, Army vet and special education teacher, on their Youtube channel. Then, we heard Tai as a guest on Stacking Benjamins. His & Her Money releases a podcast every 3-4 days. We’ve found them to have a fresh down-to-earth take on the often stale topics of personal finance, marriage success, and even home management. They’ve got great chemistry. Tai is warm, but very much about the business, while Taalat’s approach is very practical, but always has a way of making us chuckle. The couple will often interview folks who have paid off amazing amounts of debts. On other occasions they’re offering great marriage advice, getting great deals, and featuring a money-making strategy during “hustle season”. Their show is a reminder of how our everyday financial decisions will determine our future financial success. Hope to speak with you soon, Talaat and Tai!

Honorable Mention

We’ll give honorable mention to Chris Ducker of The New Business Podcast and Nick Loper of The Side Hustle Show. They both interview awesomely creative people taking off as entrepreneurs.

So there you have it! These are our favorite podcasts. If we’re listening to a podcast, it will likely be one of the above. We’d love to know your favorite podcasts. Share it with us below in the comments. Thanks for keeping up!


About Nii and Renee

A newly married couple in pursuit of financial peace, marital bliss, and career freedom!

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  1. Thanks for the list! Definitely going to try some of them out! I think John Pugliano’s wealthsteading podcast deserves some mention. He combines personal finance and investing thoughts, in a down to earth kind of way. Worthwhile.


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