UNITY: Our theme for 2018 is in full effect!

Hey… So, it’s been a while since we’ve written. To recap, we did a pretty good job with last year’s theme of FAMILY, adding our son into this crazy household full of love and laughter. We were also able to make many more of our extended family’s events: a cousin’s wedding in Canada, visiting our nieces in college, taking our nephew to football camp, having a huge welcome for our new nephew, and so much more. Not to mention, we finally paid off our massive $662,900 student loan debt. The year of FAMILY couldn’t have gone any better.

UNITY – it’s not just for song titles anymore!

Now that we’re getting off the high of the student debt payoff, it’s time that we made new priorities. If you haven’t heard, as we’ve mentioned on episode 43 of Nii’s podcast, Docs Outside the Box, our theme for 2018 is UNITY! (Sorry! No credit to Rick James or Queen Latifah.) Ever since we met over the phone on a May evening in 2002, well before we ever imagined we’d be “The Darkos”, we’ve always had a tendency to do things in tandem. Even during those rough patches that many dating couples go through, we gravitated towards each other and had each other’s backs. You know… “ride or die!”

Having a son has definitely reinforced our unified front. We’re a well oiled machine when it comes to feedings, diaper changes, and family time. Team Darko works together to make our family work, first and foremost.

Helping others through entrepreneurship

While unity has been a running theme in our relationship, we’ve decided to be deliberate about it in 2018. As Neo’s song says, “We’re a force when we’re together.” Our focus on working together to help others through our businesses has skyrocketed! Now that we don’t have to worry about student loan debt, we can spend our time creating products and services that will help others reach their own potential.

We’ve even shared our story on podcasts in hopes that others will be inspired like we were by so many other stories. We were were really excited to be featured by leading personal finance expert, Farnoosh Torabi, host of So Money podcast. We have some other features upcoming in the near future, so we’ll keep you posted!

As we mentioned above, Nii’s podcast, Docs Outside the Box, has really taken off. He is bringing the voices of ordinary doctors doing extraordinary things to the forefront to help doctors tap into the many talents they have outside of medicine. He even wrote a book , 3,2,1 Podcast, because of the many requests he gets from his listeners about starting a podcast.

Renée’s pre-med coaching business, Pre-med Strategies, Inc. is in full swing as she empowers pre-meds with strategies to overcome the challenges of getting into medical school. She’ll be hosting a podcast and is currently in the process of writing a book that will be released in Spring 2019.

Equal Access Health, our locums job agency, has seen a bump in the number of doctors we’ve been able to place, so that they can have the quality of life they want.

As you can imagine, our schedules are busy! But, it’s only through being deliberate about how we work together that we are able to maintain some semblance of sanity.

A change is gonna come!

Recently, at a friend’s wedding, Renée talked about marriage being an opportunity to build something greater than the pair… a legacy. Having lived paycheck to paycheck, then having gone through this debt payoff has taught us many lessons. What started out as a simple desire to get lenders off our backs has paved a path for us to think more about how to leave a legacy and how to help others leave legacies. After all, what would be the point of all this if it ends with us?

So, we’ve been talking about how Keeping Up with the Darkos should evolve. We think you’ll like where we’re headed next. Be sure to keep up with us to find out!




About Nii and Renee

A newly married couple in pursuit of financial peace, marital bliss, and career freedom!

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