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How we accrued over $800K in debt in 8 years!

student debt marriage

“…’til student loan debt do us part.”


Ever heard of “good debt”? You know… good debt! Student loans, mortgage, car… that good debt. The kind that “builds up your credit.”  As the great Bob Marley said, “Don’t let them fool ya! Or even try to school ya!” There is no such thing as good debt. What is so good about owing anybody money? Nothing! Debt is bad. Period! Read the rest of this entry


Meet Nii and Renée… Team Darko!


We are newly married doctors in debt up to our ears! We are NOT the Joneses. In fact, we might be opposite the Joneses.  We each grew up without much in pretty rough neighborhoods in Brooklyn, NY, and Irvington. NJ. You’d think that since we didn’t have everything we wanted growing up that we’d go crazy and get anything and everything we want as adults – especially two doctors! However… Read the rest of this entry